Monday, June 8, 2009

Suffix Trees: Java Applet

How to use Suffix Trees Java Applet:
  • enter string;
  • press "Build Suffix Tree" button;
  • it will build suffix tree and create visual presentation in some auto calculated layout;
  • drag and drop nodes to find best layout;
  • you need Java installed and enabled in your browser;
  • applet uses Java implementation of Ukkonen's Algorithm.
Some samples are available here.

Applet sources are discussed and could be download here.

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dkirasic said...

Does it work for "banana"?

Illya Havsiyevych said...

yes, but in case of "banana" use '$' as string terminator, i.e. banana$

Andrés said...

Very nice applet!

jaya said...

In your implementation you are creating suffix links for internal nodes ,but i didn't get how you are using those.I had also doubt that how it is O(n).